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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PECL pdflib >= 1.0.0)

PDF_open_imageUsar información de una imagen [obsoleta]


int PDF_open_image ( resource $p , string $imagetype , string $source , string $data , int $length , int $width , int $height , int $components , int $bpc , string $params )

Usa información de una imagen desde una variedad de fuentes de información.

Esta función está obsoleta desde la versión 5 de PDFlib, use archivos virtuales y PDF_load_image() en su lugar.

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13 years ago
Ok, according to the PDFlib docs,

bpc - only for imagetype raw (required in this case).  The number of bits per component.  Must be 1,2,4 or 8

components - only for imagetype raw (required in this case). The number of image components.  Must be 1, 3 or 4.

Read the docs (page 171) for a full list of params I assume are used for the last argument.
tfraser at jeffsys dot net
13 years ago
If you want to open a TIFF image, you have to use pdf_open_image_file().  If you want to open a TIFF image from memory, you'll have to wait until version 5.  I gleaned this from the PDFlib folks themselves:

> from
The only way to open TIFF with PDFlib 4 is to open it from
file. But in PDFlib 5 ( we add
a virtual file system, so you can easy open a file from
lindsayNOSPAM at NOSPAMdingos dot net
13 years ago
if you ahve pdflib v4 or higher, you may also use TIFF images, by specifying 'tiff'  in the image type.

checked the pdflib documentation, tried it out, it works.
nils at deviant dot no
14 years ago
a quick example:

$pdfimage = pdf_open_image_file($pdf, "jpeg", "test.jpg");
pdf_place_image($pdf, $pdfimage, 10, 10, 0.6);

pdf_close etc..
bob at nijman dot de
14 years ago
For good and easy to understand examples on images in PDFs go to

(It's in german, but the sources alone will be a great help and inspiration :-))
bob at nijman dot de
14 years ago
mark troyan wrote:

> Can you use the PDF_open_image to handle gif's? How?

and Thomas Merz answered:

Nope. Unfortunately PDF supports _nearly_ everything needed
to decode GIFs internally (as with JPEG), but some minor
feature is missing. It seems Adobe also realized this --
they added the missing link in PostScript 3, so chances are
it will appear in PDF 1.4 or something...

Since the PDF_open_image() interface is meant for dumping
the image data to the PDF without any further interpretation,
it can't support GIF.

Found at:
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